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The Versatility of Hachures

  Ocean Memory      20" x 25"  © 2014 Elizabeth J. Buckley

Ocean Memory    20" x 25"  © 2014 Elizabeth J. Buckley

Southern Califonia Handweavers Guild                      San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center        18312 Ixnard Street                                                Tarzana, CA

Guild Program:  An Articulation of Light             Saturday, September 8, 2018  10:30 - noon

Workshop:   Explorations of Light and Dark:  The Use of Value in Tapestry Design                                         Saturday, September 8th  1:00 - 4:00 pm and     Sunday, September 9th 9:00 - 4:00 pm

Hachures can be simple or complex.  Many medieval and gothic tapestries exemplify their use in the drape and folds of fabric, depictions of animals, and botanical details.  Contemporary tapestry applications of hachures can range from creating transparency or the feel of ripples on water to gradating color blends, or shaping and shading forms for a sense of volume and three-dimensionality.  In this workshop, we will explore different types of hachures and their applications.

Studio Workshops and Classes:

  Dialogues Through the Veil   detail  48" x 25"                                  ©2010 Elizabeth J. Buckley

Dialogues Through the Veil  detail  48" x 25"                               ©2010 Elizabeth J. Buckley

Master Class on Technical Challenges in Tapestry

Thursdays, January 25, February 22,  March 22,  April 26, 2018  from 10:00 am – 3:30 pm at  Elizabeth Buckley’s studio in Albuquerque, NM.

These Master Classes focus on a range of technical challenges in tapestry: be it weaving smoother curves, better understanding hachures, or color blending to achieve the effects of transparency, gradations, or three-dimensional form.  Strong emphasis will continue to be on design, exploring different ways to translate concepts and ideas into tapestry, addressing how to synchronize technique and design.

The master classes provide the opportunity for in-depth study of tapestry technique and design, formatted to provide time at home in between sessions to weave and to develop ideas generated during each class.  Each class will include design explorations, group critiques and discussions as well as individual attention at the loom.  Bring photos, sketches, design ideas of what you would like to weave, and your questions.

Students need to have a portable loom for use in class and to weave on at home in between classes.  Students need to know basic tapestry techniques.

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The Visual Heartbeat:  Creating Movement in Tapestry

  Molten Beneath Strata  detail  84" x 28"    ©2017 Elizabeth J. Buckley

Molten Beneath Strata detail  84" x 28"   ©2017 Elizabeth J. Buckley

Thursday, May 3 – Sunday, May 6, 2018              9:30 am – 3:30 pm                                                Elizabeth Buckley's studio in Albuquerque, NM.

Rhythm is not only integral to the world of music and dance, but also to effective tapestry design. Repetition of motifs in layers helps to create the sense of visual movement as well as three-dimensions. The act of weaving in itself is filled with rhythmic gestures.

In this workshop, we will explore different approaches to visual rhythm through the use of:  repetition, progressions, gradations, and contrast in shape, line, value and color. We will look at how use of the techniques themselves also can contribute to a sense of movement. These underlying principles behind rhythm will help you go beyond the flat background to creating a dynamic flow.

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