Tapestry Resources for Tools, Warp and Weft Yarns, Cartoon materials: 

Anahera Yarns, crewel-weight needlepoint worsted New Zealand wool. Similar to the no-longer-available Paternayan Crewel wool, thicker than Appleton, available through wholesale distributor, Fleur de Paris, based in Burbank, CA . Now also available retail through Elizabeth Buckley.

Appleton Yarns, crewel-weight 2-ply needlepoint/embroidery worsted wool in over 400 colors.  Made in the United Kingdom, available in the United States. Several retail places on-line, such as The Wooly Thread.  Wholesale distributor:   Fleur de Paris

Australian Tapestry Workshop (formerly known as Victorian Tapestry Workshop) yarns are thinner, huge color range for weft bundles.  You can now directly order from them, but bear in mind that this entails overseas shipping and customs.

Between and Etc. (formerly known as Fine Fiber Press) owned by Kathe Todd-Hooker  has tapestry tools, looms, warp.

Tapestry Tools:  Different sizes of Gobelins- style bobbins, including some brass-tipped ones, as well as the Aubusson style "bone" bobbin, awls, various hand beaters, and other tapestry-related tools.

Yarn cotton seine twine warp as well as weft: Alv Norwegian wool that is a 2-ply worsted about 14/2 in size.  Also Paternayan wool (the 3-strand, Persian) by the ounce.

Brown Sheep, based in Nebraska, makes the 3-ply Waverly Needlepoint worsted wools (you will have to un-ply these to do color blending) as well as Top of the Lamb rug-weight wools.

Davidson Old Mill Yarn –3 and 4 ply wool warp

Dick Blick Art Materials has Dura-lar matte sheets and pads, for cartoon-making. Sharpie markers do not smear. Nice weight, does not tear easily when stitching onto the woven hem.

DMC Embroidery Floss is a cotton alternative for weft, with 6 strands you can separate out to make new color blends.  Available through craft or fabric stores such as Joanne’s, Michaels, etc.

Glimakra USA carries both Farö and Mora weft wools.  Faro is a singles, and Mora is a lace-weight worsted.   Also cotton seine twine warp.

Magpie Woodworks for weaving forks, made in three different widths.

Norsk Fjord Fiber has cotton seine twine warp in 12/12 and 12/6, linen warp, as well as Vevgarn, a 2-ply wool for weft from Norway.  

Tandy Leather Company carries awls, as does Between and Etc, and Dick Blick Art Materials.

Vavstuga Weaving School of Shelburne Falls, MA carries Borgs wool yarns, Swedish cotton seine twine warp.

The Woolery of Frankfurt, KY carries Gobelins-style bobbins.

Weavers Bazaar  in the United Kingdom carries cotton and linen warp as well as fine worsted wools in four different weights:  Fine 18/2,  Medium 9.5/2 and 7/2, Heavy 5/2 both dyed and undyed.

Weaving Southwest carries weft yarns that are hand-dyed churo wool in rug weight and a singles weight.  They also carry wool warp.

Yarn Barn of Kansas  carries Le Clerc Gobelins–style tapestry bobbins,  wool warp. They also carry the Swedish bobbin winder for the Aubusson-style bobbins.

Ymm Yarns  from Australia, thin, 2 ply wool for weft bundles.  Janette Meetze, who lives in Oklahoma, carries these yarns.