With this my first blog post, I revisit and expand on my post of September 18, 2013 on Kathe Todd Hooker’s Tapestry List, which has been in conversation since July 1996, with now over 575 tapestry weavers all over the world.  

Where does the nudging to begin a new tapestry come from?  What is the spark that lights the initial idea or thought that has to find form and expression in tapestry?  What guides the choices of yarns and colors and starts moving the fingers in the warp?

My Tai Chi teacher talks about how out of stillness comes movement, and out of movement comes stillness.  I carry this into my tapestry practice as well.  I find the inner place of deeper knowing within, and that guides my beginning.  It could be a particular line or shape; it could be a color or a sense of movement.  What I love about the process of tapestry is how it can provide a way for me to tap into the essence of something, the kernel of an idea that somehow flows through the fingers and into the threads I am weaving.

Out of stillness comes the impulse to begin.  Then see where one thread can lead to another, one color can interact with another.  One shapes suggests another.  See where the flow takes you.